French Teaching


The Understanding of French is based on 2 specific things. The mastering of the different sounds, and the gender based words. Once these are achieved, you can build up upwards, adding adjectives and some basic rules regarding verbs, in orde to make small, short sentences.

Mastering the right pronunciation and being able to recognize the diphtongues ( ai, ei, an, en, ain, in, un etc), will allow you to a) speak and be understood, b) understand when others speak c) read on your own and increase your vocabulary.

My training in voice coaching, and my knowledge of emdr, kinesiology and basic brain functions, allows me to eradicate brain deafness, make the lesson fun and help you wean yourself from me after just a few months.

Teaching since 1988, I have complete faith that if you are motivated, consistent and learn the new words thrown at you as we get along, you will be able to have a decent conversation in just 2 months.

Lesson price is subject to discounts with prepaid plans.

Price per single lesson 375 kr ( no time limit but never under 60mns)

Call us: + 45 42700052

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