Hi. I am Nicole and this is the best way

I could find to describe my journey*


I am working as a therapist and a teacher in intermittance, but this is not the site for that.

Here you will hear me, see what colors make my soul vibrate,, what expression means to me.

I am an emotional being, and I am creative, as we all are. I found more ways than one to do that, and I made a living out of each and every outlet I explored and for that I feel blessed.


* maybe not the best, but I was lazy, this was fast.





Voice overs, songs.

But also scripts, newletters, books, articles, love letters, arguments. Marketing, advertising, acting.

Connecting. Feeling understood, relevant, important.


A voice can do that. A script can do that.

For me it is about the humanity behind each project.

The common denominator.







I was told I was not good enough but I knew better. I just needed time to simmer, and have my own flavor.. When I lived enough and hard, loved, suffered and understood, I took a brush again. Check the results.



If you are looking for my paintings, they are

here and you can see some more in the link above.



Teaching is about planting a seed, giving a tool, opening a mind, giving a child hope, a different outlook of the world and himself. Some never gave up on me while growing up and took the time to make me feel useful, smart, worthy.

I pay it forward. Also, teaching is linked to expression, understanding, culture and it can be very creative See

It's all about the journey




I explain in detail why I went into therapy

and what I gained from that journey in www.lbow.dk.

Being raised in an all natural, holistic setup, having had a homebirth, was a compass in my life till the death of my father who refused to see a doctor. Then, dealing with my personal issues, insecurities, fears and hurt but mostly stress, I regained harmony, balance and confidend when I brought Bowen in my life.. It is what centers me.

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